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About Whitianga Skate School

We teach skateboarding to all children from 5 years of age. Lessons range from beginners to more advanced classes. We aim to provided a fun and safe way for children to learn this sport. All lessons are provide after school in one hour blocks. Here at Whitianga Skate School we understand that getting to know each child is important and pride ourselves on building relationships with our students, helping them to feel comfortable and confident during lessons. One on one lessons are also available and can be arranged at times that suit the individual. 

We also are providing lessons in schools at Whenuakite, Mercury Bay and Coromandel. These are free of charge and for all children to have an opportunity to try skateboarding and be active. 

Skateboard Lessons


At the park

We offer a range of lessons from beginners to more advanced classes.

All lessons are at the Whitianga skate park and are presented in a organized and safe manner. We are lucky to have Countdown sponsoring us and we provide afternoon tea for all who attended. We also have all the equipment necessary to get your children up and skating!


School Program

Our school programs have been a great success so far. The children who have attend so far have loved the lessons and the feedback as been very positive. We offer group lessons for  up to 20 children per class. We have portable ramps and all the equipment is provided. If your school is interested please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


One on one

One on one classes are designed to cater to individual needs and to help children progress rapidly in their skateboarding. These lessons can be provided in a range of settings depending on what the child wishes to learn. We can also develop lesson plans with goals to help children reach milestones. These class are very beneficial to children's confidence and skill set in moving forward in their skateboarding.  

All your Skateboard needs!

Have a look at all the skate gear to get you set up and rolling, From complete setups to all your top brands.

We also have our Whitianga Skate School merch available.

Get in Touch

Call Sean on 022-164-0015

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